Return DNA

Does anyone else think there should be a feature where you can demote your dinos to chosen a lvl? Obviously there would be some type of penalty, maybe you only get back 80% of the DNA spent to get to that lvl…

I have a few dinos that I upgraded to lvl 18 or higher but in the latest update the can make a hybrid and only need lvl 10 or 15 to create hybrid. Just feels like a waste of DNA taking them so high.

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So if you buy a house and enjoy it, then 5 years later they build a highway close to it. Do you claim old owners to repay…?

No. The developers and game and real world don’t work the way.

I think this should only be an option if your Dino has been nerfed. Not if you’ve just over leveled.

You can still sell the house Lol


Lol this is a random response, not quite the same thing. I could always sell my house at anytime so I get cash back… which is basically what I am suggesting here