Return of Boosts and DNA , so can reallocate

Dear Ludia-Support
Based on changes made to Dino abilities which impact a lot of hybrids and other Dino’s evolved and boosted. Would like boosts returned so can reallocate to Dino’s based on changed abilities, plus return of Coins used to evolve Epic and above Hybrids, plus DNA returned from said Dino’s.
Reason is below.
Built up reasonably strong team but now a lot weaker. Cloak and Dodge only 50 percent effective, same but only block 66 percent of damage and Draconex and Hybrid no longer have shield destroying swap in attacks. Other Hybrid Dino’s similarly effected.
Disgusted, with time effort, DNA and boosts put into Hybrid Dino’s which are no longer that effective, based on ability changes. Would like my boosts, Coins and DNA given back so can reallocate based on changing of Dino abilities. It is only fair to have opportunity to reallocate boosts, etc as you have significantly changed Dino abilities.

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nevermind… this doesnt help ludia’s profits.

or they should refund all resource spent to nerfed creatures each update.


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Game I played previously, if they changed creature abilities, reset points (similar to boosts) so you could reallocate.
Mind you was a bit annoying, as they did it every few months but was fair.

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I can’t second this because we all have had dinosaurs made not as good when they get hybrids or changed, Stegodeus for instance lost APR and SS was changed to not cleanse slows or bleeds.

And if they did reset boosts everyone would just massively boost Thor and then we would see the forums burned down due to 150 speed thors a d such.

I think it’s best if you just take it as a lessened learned and focus on things that are end products like Super Hybrid legendary and unique or that you really like irl like Trex.

OMG! noooooooooooo! :scream:

No thank you. Every patch dino stats change and dinos get nerfed, so putting many boosts on a specific one is just a risk you took. Maybe the nerfed dinos are still very useful in many ways and don’t need to be taken off your team.
If you had dracorat on your team and you are complaining because it’s weaker now, then I can only point and laugh >:)
But in all fairness, I have been owned today by rat owners quite a lot of times, so it’s still very effective. Just not as overpowered as it used to be.
Cloak sucks now, true, so just buff its health a bit and you can compensate at least a little bit. Don’t forget that for instance indoraptor got a nice damage upgrade for free.
Spending boosts smart is part of the game. Sometimes you lose, sometimes you win. Balancing is key.

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Wasn’t just one of my Dino’s impacted it was about 5-6 out of the 10 I use, sometimes changing based on Challenge. So, wasn’t just one, sure I said that, please read before responding.
Not sure what THOR is? Assume I have been attacked by it and similar Dino’s with 154 speeds, 5k health and 1800 attack.
As GPS cheater said to me 2 days ago in park, boasting of how he got 3000 in speed boosts, all his Dino’s Inc Indominus Rex had 150 plus speed and attack of 1800 plus. It has already happened and thanks to Hybrid changes, half my Dino team is nearly useless.
Should stop playing, as will otherwise lose constantly in Arena battles - thank you Ludia !!!

Then cheaters need to be addressed, but why rollback all stats for everyone?
I have seen over boosted thors, but they are never faster than all my dinos. Can’t say it’s a problem.
How is half your team useless? The only things that are somewhat nerfed are dodgers (indoraptor and erlidominus) and dracoceratops. What else?
Magna is still good, despite the health nerf, Tryko is still good, Dio is still good, Monostego is even better now, Thor is still good, Utarinex is still good, Dilo is still good, Tuo is still OK, so what’s the problem? What kind of team do you have? I have read your story, but you haven’t mentioned your team.

And what is a GPS cheater doing in a park? :slight_smile: Shouldn’t he/she be home on the couch?

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The problem are HP and Attack boosts available in store in large quantities each week. It’s extremely difficult to kill ANY boosted Thors, Tryko, Draco with 7-9k of HP and nearly 3K of base attack. Is Ludia really that blind and doesn’t see the mess? It’s disgusting. No boosts should give so much hp/attack and speed. All 3 should be minimal! Now all dodgers don’t stand a chance.

That’s a different problem. I do agree there are too many boosts “out there” but the people who bought many of them are either playing a lot and kind of deserve them, or they are paying for them. Pay to win is a problem but these players should at some point end up on the top of the list, and not bother us anymore (as long as match making doesn’t put a 4500 player together with a 6000 player).

I think given these major changes we should be allowed to remove boosts, I wouldn’t even care if you only gave back half. I boosted creatures based on what would serve me well for the rest of the game. Now these are far from what they were and are possibly not even good enough to keep in my team.

Just give us a two day window or something to do it in?

The way I feel at the moment is that boosts are a really bad idea and you need to remove them completely.

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If he’s a GPS cheater, then he’s cheating on his couch.
Once a cheat, always a cheat. LOL!

I would say ludia should offer some sort of purchases to reset boosts on a dino or for the whole team. My indo is lv 30 and got hard this patch, but I cannot replace it as it has tier 5 boosts on all stats. Many others are the same. I’d love to try your new released creatures and spend coins on them, but the boosts are hindering players to test out new stuff.


Didn’t say roll back stats, asked for opportunity to be able reallocate boosts etc based on changes to Dino’s.
The names of Dino’s you mentioned are not ones I recognize, so assume Super Hybrid - Uniques, don’t have them.

I have 2 Dino’s both Epic with dodge ability, Indominus Rex, Draco and others (eg lost drop in shield etc).

The Cheater was in park to politely threaten me, as he plays Pokémon Go, and he was annoyed that after taking over GYM - I would attack it. So he came to park to specifically tell me not to attack the GYMs he held (whole point of game)! He then boasted about having got 3000 speed boosts and was using GPS spoofing software like everyone else to boost his DNA ( well I am not, hence reason in park).

boosts yes, but coins and dna are not possible, especially if u already leveled ur creatures. that would break the game cuz people would then know exactly what to go for and just completely overlevel and overboost like 8 dinos and always stay meta relevant, too OP.

They already have over boosted their Dino’s plus still have the 3k purchased speed boosts etc. See picture, faced many opponents with over 150 plus speed on their over Boosted teams!

I have no clue what you are talking about. The gym is usually a place I try to avoid, because there are people with too many muscles there and it smells like sweat and deodorant.
I guess you have a pre-unique team then, and in this stadium of the game you replace your dinos a lot more often than in endgame, which means you should never put too many boosts in them because you’ll be stuck with them. Moderation, spread out, save up, level up, and get to uniques as fast as you can! happy hunting :slight_smile: