Return of legendary Incubators


I feel like now is about the right time for legendary incubators to be made available again. With the repetition of the powerhouse, blue and brachiosaurus epic incubators, it’s about time that some new special offer incubators are made available and legendary incubators are probably near the top of the list for many people I’m sure. Any thoughts? Personally, I do spend money on the game and I have been saving up 10 000 cash for 2 legendary incubators, so I hope they come back soon before I’m tempted to use the cash on something else…


I gave up waiting for them since I have a lot of legendaries now it’s semi-reundant when I can use the cash to buy coins.


They’re back! :blush: I’m debating on the investment.


Is the legendary incubator deal worth it?


Not if you are high level, good for new players :expressionless: