Return of the bots in 2.11 in pvp

I think that the bots return could work to have an even pvp since there are cases in which they put a player with dinosaur level 18-20 and they match him with dinosaur level 26-28.

Example in today’s skoonasaurus tournament this happened:
My team:
Suchotator 18
Dracoceratops 18
Thylacotator 19
Phorusaura 18
Rajankilosaur 18
Indominus 20
Allosinosaur 20
Indoraptor 21
I came to face the easiest rival, tell us full 20 and I with all the dinos 18.
The others were only full 24-25 with 5 minimum yawns each.
And the most difficult was a full 28.
I managed to do the takedowns but with 11 battles.
The list of dinosaurs you face that you remember:

The thylacotator is from the same tournament, only I managed to upload it