Return of the tank meta? Death of the cunning class?

Given all the creatures with high hp and resilient moves that make up this current meta and that creatures like Hadro’s Lux and Ceramagnus are or soon will be in the arena will the meta once again revert to high hp tanks slugging one another until something falls within swap in range?

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Cunning has never had a chance since the new class system was introduced so there can’t be a death of a class if it never felt like it was even a thing in the first place lol.


Perhaps I worded the title poorly, can you see the likes of magna, spyx, monolmetro etc having a spot in the arena once these apexes become more common?

And considering the 2 best 1v1 creatures only lose to other resilients and can easy 2-shot most cunnings that aren’t resilients, yeah cunnings don’t stand a chance with their low hp

Magna and Spyx already seem like a liability. I don’t run Mags but I’m seriously thinking of dropping my Spyx soon. It’s sad that resilient have such a presence. I personally don’t like the class system and how so many things directly hard counter each other. It makes battling so RNG based (get a bad draw and you can’t play your way out of it no matter what).


Mags and monolometrodon are losing their edge thanks to the low hp and swappers like ceramagnus. Spyx is probably gonna be the go-to

I would also say smilo as it’s really the only one that can go toe-to-toe with the 2 resilient apexes

My thoughts exactly and even then if a Tryko, Dio or Tenon so much breathe on a spyx it will bring it with in swap in range.

Makes everything boring and there isn’t as much variety anymore

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Also, with the 2 big bads of ceramagnus and hadros lux, mammolania I could see making a comeback as it can do well with these 2 AND gorgotrabex, who may be the cunning of choice, so that’ll hurt other cunnings even more

I mentioned this in my open letter, but I miss being able to play my way out of a sticky situation. I can’t do that now. I had a game last night where they had an 8k HP Dio. I drew Spyx, Nemys, DC, and MRhino. I usually start Nemys in that situation and they chewed through half my team before I could take it down. Then they had Tryko in the back. Literally nothing I can do with that.

I ended up putting gyrpo on my team to nibble all those pesky dio’s and Trkyos. It’s seems like a great choice against most tanks after it gained that new shielding move.

My personal gripe is with something like erlidom. Oh, it’s a cunning, so it MUST be slowable. Kinda makes something like that less viable

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I have Grypoly on my team. Of course I didn’t draw it that match :rofl:. And that’s honestly the problem. Sometimes I lose a game before I even select the first move simply because my opponent happened to draw all the right counters to me.


It’s immune to everything else so what would you suggest its weakness be aside from shields?

Armor and vulnerability. Not to mention resilient moves still hurt it

Exactly. Thats what I hate about battling after 2.0 update. You depend to much on draw. Wrong team and you have 0 chances for win.

Seems they stopped changes somewhere in the middle. They really should finish them and balance classes or drop class system entirely.

Last skill tournament was actually first after 2.0 when skill actually mattered.


Variety means skill basically

Also, speaking of the last skill tournament, that is the one that best supported the cunning class and cunnings were actually equal with the other classes


I don’t think cunning is totally irrelevant, but it is def weakest. I think that a) JWA should take a minor class system i.e. Xenoblade1 and b) there needs to be more emphasis on what a creature’s role is in battle, and not just slapping a resil/fierce/cunning attack on everything. Spyx is probably best example of this, what with so many ways to distract and damage your opponent as well as some nice resistances. It utterly destroys any fierce it faces while being unique, and I think that method of thinking (maybe not the destroy part) would help the game feel less stale

Also @Piere87 happy b-day


Thanks! :grin:

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