Return of the tank meta? Death of the cunning class?

The cunning class has always struggled to stay on target, It is always resilience against fierce. It is difficult for cunning to stay in the goal because of their fragility, many resilient attacks can eliminate the dodge or distraction, therefore the only way to have a cunning is: if it is cunning-fierce or cunning-resilient

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Ludía never should nerfed Phorusaura. Was a very good creature in the resilient meta

I have to respectfully disagree with you there lol. Maybe now that Hadros is a thing and has a resilient counter it might work. But the old Pho with IR and then R&R was too much. Esp with the possibility of having things like MRhino or DC behind it.


Every resilient is more powerful than the old Phorus and was one of best things to stop the resilient meta. Now every creature that isn’t resilient is useless. And nothing is asking for nerf the resilient attacks

There are other ways to counteract the resilient goal, such as the fierce of many resistances

The problem with Pho was the ability to RK something and then immediately run. And then come back and RK again. With a rampage. Resilient still can’t do anything against that. Because it ran away with a rampage before they had a chance to take it out. And slowing or bleeding it did nothing because it just left completely. The delay on R&R was much needed imo. It does its job without being completely overpowered.

people have suggested, numerous times, that resil attacks need tweaked. can’t help it if ludia wont bother with it.


Maybe if resilient attacks are only precise

Fierce is supposed to counter resilient. LOL at that when Fierce can be slowed. The problem is the slowing move on all of the resilient creatures. Fierce (which is supposed to counter resilient) can’t cleanse that. The class system is imbalance because the classes don’t properly counter each other like they should. Resilient should cleanse distract (counter to cunning) but the slowing move is too powerful imo.


Exactly, slowing down is like say “cunning strike reduces distraction by 75%”" is not balanced

The unique fierce that can counter the resilient is Mortem Rex.
All fierce creatures should be 100% resistent to deceleration

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based on that logic, all cunning must be 100% resilient to rending and swap prevention … if we avoid that logic that is not the point

And with Morty we are all at the mercy of RNG as to when we can put it on our team. I’m still 130 away from a lvl 28 while I’ve seen people facing lvl 29 in the arena. We can’t grind or work our way to a better Morty to put on the team. So they need a way to change Resilient or Fierce creatures that are actually obtainable outside of raids. And then give us a boost reset to help with that as well lol.

This would lead to turbo boosted chompers running amok again.

I currently run Magna and plan on dropping it next week when I unlock Hadros Lux.
Trying to play it as a jack of all trades gets it slaughtered.
Anti-tank (My setup) or speedster makes it Rhino bait.
It’s not really a BAD dino, but it’s not top 8 anymore.


nah. bleeders yes. but the other fierce creatures can do with abilities that cleanse slow.


I’ve got in on my team, it eats maxima, tenons, Thor and Trkyo’s easily, only real threat to is a Tryko impact followed by a rhino swap in, if not for Ceramagnus’s high swap in damage I wouldn’t consider retiring it.

I think the real fix for things is to add more top tier pure fierce creatures. That way there will be a way to better counter resilients and also means more of a purpose for cunning so that fierce wont 3-0 your all resilient team

Meaning fierce creatures with good resistances like decel immunity

Just look at thor, he isnt even that good but he is on every team because everyone desperately needs more viable fierce uniques