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Return of the tank meta? Death of the cunning class?

Thor is on people teams because of high damage and instant charge not lack of viable fierce creatures, if Thor lost that priorty move it’d be dropped instantly.

Tenon and Tryko are far more viable than Thor ever was.

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Well rinex has high damage and instant charge, so why isnt he on every top team?

Can’t break shields, low hp. Stun immunity on other meta relevant creatures

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I’m talking about PURE fierce, with good resistances. Most “fierce” creatures cant do a defense shattering move every turn, like max and gem have to go decel move first. That’s what makes thor different

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Exactly my point. It’s not just about instant charge. You can design a pure fierce that could be very good in this meta without instant charge. The issue really is that there aren’t enough counters to resilient creatures

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Unfortunately mine doesn’t have the HP to counter Max, Tenon, Thor, or Tryko and survive the Rhino swapin.
It’s only good if my opponent doesn’t have it which seems to be 50/50.
Even worse if they also have Woolly Rhino.
Too low of odds for my tastes.

Plus like u said, most relevant creatures have stun immunity so that can also be applied to thor.

This is the build I chose, as long as Trkyo doesn’t crit on its counter I can survive and tank a rat swapping in as well.

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Top players run it because it takes MRhino out quickly, Mortem will likely unseat it once it becomes more widespread

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Thats assuming That Thor is faster.

Which it almost always is, Rhino having high speed can actually hurt it as it won’t have the output or bulk to be effective past the swap

All Fierce creatures maybe shouldn’t be immune to deceleration, but since Resilient moves cleanse distract AND slow the opponent, it would be fair if Fierce moves cleansed slow. Cleansing vulnerability as a secondary effect is bogus lol

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Well there is a problem with that it be kinda pointless to borderline useless since if they are faster than the resilient creatures then it would be impossible to cleanse a slowing move unless they have enough HP to survive a second hit. If they are slower then the resilient creature than nothing changes.

I mean you’re not wrong that it wouldn’t be super useful, but it wouldn’t be as useless as it is cleansing vulnerable. Maybe not 1v1 but situationally it could help if it KO’s something that hit it with a 2-turn decel move.

Yes but see vulnerable is basically resilient’s version of ferocity sure it’s not helpful in the many situations but say against a turtle or something it’s useful then.

But again since most fierce can barely survive 1 round it’s really not helpful. The real problem is that most resilient creatures can two shot most fierce. Like why does diplodocus need 6,000 health and 1,500 attack?

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the resilience meta really is an easy fix, get rid of the null and it will only decel and cleanse distraction. also get riod of precise

It’s been like that since resilient moves were introduced, and Ludia doubled down on the class system. Utasinoraptor used to be able to deal some good damage with Critical Impact, but now she’s basically got two near-identical moves instead. It doesn’t make the game better to have these types of limited movesets.


Still wouldn’t change much to anything at all except fo like the indo bros and erlidom matchups even then it would be complete rng.

True but she can no make a dino deal 0 damage so thats a plus