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Return to Harvestshield

Any chance that Return to Harvestshield, and the other Returns can become permanent additions? Or at least let them be 2-3 day events, rather than just one day? Right now, those are the best events going.


I agree they should be longer than a day. It takes several hours to clear them twice and its a struggle to do it in just a day


Thank you for the feedback, we are super happy you like the new event. I will pass on that players would like the events to last longer than 24 hours.


Upvote for at least 48hours.


Agreed, 48-72 hours would be much better. Especially because of the time commitment required.

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Same here! Event is great but I sometimes avoid them due to the limited time to complete. More time please!!

I see once again ludia have given there customers a stiff ignoring

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The response I got from support said
Nothing about book shouldn’t apply to the first play through just that from their time stamps they show I didn’t have one active which is wrong. So this week I tried it again since they didn’t say anything about it not being intended to work.

got book went to enter

it took 250 gems from me and 1 use of the book…

Contacted support a second time with screen shots and they refunded my 250 gems. And now that they are aware of the issue hopefully future books of bravery will work properly fora free entry to the 1st play through of return events.

Loved the event! The game has more replay with these cool PvE events. Thanks!


We have asked for the event to be extended beyond one day which is a perfectly reasonable request and should be very easy to implement. Yet weeks later nothing. Why are we continually ignored?