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Return to state update before!

Please restore the creature’s abilities to the state they were before this upgrade. Because the new powers of provocation and nullification of all abilities destroy the balance. What’s the point of defending, dodging, shields, etc. if it’s all destroyed by nullification? The interesting part of the fight was that everyone had different skills, but compensated for the variety. Some of the creatures had strong blows, but weak defense. Others have strong defense but weak offense. Combinations of dodges, shields, slows, replacements, etc. made it possible to diversify battles and defeat creatures with a strong attack.
Now the battles will end in one strike and what is the point of developing other creatures if everyone will only develop fast creatures, like ornithomim or gallimim?

and i didn’t get the point of provocation in arena battles yet.
what is it for?

Its purely for raids. Does nothing in arena

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yep. so they should address this, make it shows only in raid. it’s a BIG visual thing for arena and useless.