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Returning after about 1,5 years not playing

I played JWA for about 2 years from the start. Then this game was killed but every-changing rebalance with every update and boosts. Now I decided to return to see what changed.

1. Boosts are a game-killing feature
I wonder why don’t you still see it, Ludia. Before I uninstalled JWA I had gathered a strong team almost all of 30 lvl. Now the meta is almost the same, I can use all my dinos, but obviously, they are boosted not enough and I get killed by a team with weaker dinos but with more boosts. What can I do to climb higher in the ladder? Collect more DNA? Ride my bike for hours to get new dinos? Level up my team? No, I can’t do anything. Top-100 is permanently closed for me cause only boosts matter. I can get about 100 boosts per week, but that doesn’t change anything cause everyone does.

Moreover, there’s no more need in a VIP account. I’m ready to pay 10$ per month, but what’s the point? Will it make me stronger? No. No additional DNA or coins won’t make any difference. So for the past 1,5 years you haven’t done anything for players who might return to the game. Your core gameplay is worthless now. All I have to do in this game is get my daily incubator, spin green SD and do the boost strikes.

So what do you have? A player that was in top-100. Now I want to return and there’s nothing that could get me higher than I am now.

2. Raids
That’s a little bit fun, but all you have to do is check any available strategy, pick a dino, and tap skills in the right order. And that design for raid features. Taunt circle? I believe that you can sketch this “powerpoint-style” indicator while working on that feature, but keep it in the game? Really? And freeze for few seconds after every round. Have you played any raid yourself? Do you really like how it goes?

3. Bugs
Something that never changes is that you can’t still fix in-game chat and donation bugs. I haven’t played for long time, but I’m sure that the game is still full of bugs that nobody fixes.

That illustrates my point. 2,5 years of that “failure” that every Russian player sees almost every day but no one cares.

That’s very sad that so cool setting and so cool idea was released by such a lazy and not professional developer. Very sad.


So leaving again, right? Ok, bye


Yeah, I get that nobody cares if someone returns or not. ±1 player doesn’t mean anything.

I just wonder that Ludia sees that JWA goes down and there are so many topics on the forum that show why it is so and Ludia doesn’t care.

That’s a chart that shows JWA top free position in app stores. From the first year, they go down and down. Now they are ap 7187 positions. The worst position in 2018 was 3882
The significant drop down November '19 is when they applied Stat Boosts 2.0.

That’s really strange that if they would read the forum and listen to players, they could make this game much much better.

And no matter if I play it or not.


Actually nothing Ludia does will make the game better if the player base is going to be the same.

The problem for me has always been other players. The game is very enjoyable if you ignore PvP. Unfortunately PvP has become the core of the game so the game is condemned by being a bad PvP game with good graphics and great concepts.

I would leave the game if it wasn’t for my alliance.


Every year I take 1 to 3 months holiday from JWA to see if disconnecting from the game a time my brain resets and sees JWA not a pool of… well… imagine the word.

I may finally leave the game by summer 2021 if nothing improves. I think I’ve already wasted too much time in a game that has completely lost all its essence.


I agree.

It should be more of a challange.

Also, the problem with APEX dinos in lower arenas will become the next big problem in JWA.

This Will make more players quit the game and the game fall in rank even more.


In general, I agree.

The change of top-dinos are nearly the same.

Once the boosts is applied, the dinos are a member of the team.

Paying 2000 HC for 1 boost is a big problem.
Paying 1000 HC to take the boost away is a scam.

Once you hit maxed boosts like everyone else it’s not a problem, but taking a break for a year and a half is an obstacle that will be difficult to overcome.
You have to play daily to keep up, once you fall behind it’s going to be rough.
The bright side is since the top 100 is maxed so they cant get any stronger.
All you have to do is close the gap.
It’s not closed to you as long as you keep incs running.
There are many F2P peeps in the top 500 now.

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The graph shows JWA is doing something wrong. No doubt about that, the decline is there for all to see. Way too many people download the game, play for a short while and forget about it.

Ludia give easy to create dinos like Monolometrodon and Rixis crazy stats to try and satiate the human desire for an immediate buzz, and alienate the players who do stay, so they are in a no win situation. The balance in the game was lost so long ago when boosts arrived and it’s too late to do anything about that now.

I fully agree that the Apex dinos in lower arenas will make things way worse. Who in their right mind would allow a player below level 15 to get an apex Dino? It’s so obvious it will have a detrimental effect on the rest of the low level players when the player who got carried through apex raids pulls out a ridiculous op Dino for the arena they are in. Absolute madness and a sure fire way to lose even more players.

To keep the long term players interested I feel they must raise the player level 20 cap, and increase the level 30 cap on dinos. It doesn’t make sense keeping them the same after 3 years…


Actually, it’s quite the contrary. Boosts were needed as once you got your level 30 team, as did most other people, everything would’ve been quite stale and boring, and in order to prevent this, boosts were added. They actually allow a lot of customization and cab be fun to use. When the boost shuffle event was active, I was using a 151 speed purrusaurus in the advantage tournament and it was a blast

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Everyone always misunderstandings this game, it supposed to be a slow “find, grow dino” style game and the fun of the game is really centered around the early period where finding something new in the wild is exciting, unlocking a new hybrid is exciting and that’s the fun “meat” of the game. Naturally once you’ve progressed so far that aspect falls away and it becomes a competitive PvP game, that’s the danger of all the free stuff being handed out is it gives people immediate gratification but shortens dramatically the truly fun side of the game. Boosts didn’t ruin JWA, people begging for everything to be free and easy to get did. Did you really think they’d hand you DNA and coins and everything for free and not need some revenue stream to keep themselves going?

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Boosts destroyed the growth of the game. They act as a barrier to evenly matching teams in PvP or progressing through arenas producing many one sided outcomes until both sides have max boosted everything. Apex is the next barrier which rewards who you know, success is heavily tied to the alliance you are in and/or who will join apex raids with you. Sure maybe long term players found the game more interesting, but lack of growth and the revenue that comes with it limits developer team size leaving non revenue producing bugs unfixed or even worse reintroduced.


You’re thinking is that of a mid tier player, consider the game from a late game or end game perspective, boosts and how you distribute them becomes an area where your style and forward thinking separates you from the pack. The issue right now is more jamming everyone back together all the time so we don’t spread out into equal competition levels… a lot of people say they never win or unfair match up but if you keep losing you will settle in where (and you may not like this part) you belong

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That’s like a backwards assessment of how this games revenue has actually flowed though. This games revenue was the highest in its first 4 months bringing in 25 million during that period which is over 6 million per month. Sensor tower estimated 2.5 million was spent during the week of June 11 alone.

9 months after the game launched, the game had hit 40 million.

In may 2019 boosts hit and 2019 revenue numbers totaled 26 million. A pretty steep drop from its previous number.

By July 2020 the game had hit just 76.5 million in revenue.

Their revenue stream was significantly higher when they introduced boosts and it has dropped steadily since then.

In December 2020 they made 900k and was downloaded 60k times. Meanwhile Jurassic World The game… a 6 year old title made 1 million and was downloaded 200k times.

Now you can blame the pandemic… but just for a little comparison Dragon Quest Walk made 22 million in December 2020. Considering that game is only available in Japan it’s a pretty fair comparrison.


Ludia keeps ignoring the network effect that there are many more revenue opportunities from a broad audience spending a little each than from a very narrow group spending a lot.


They literally have gone in the opposite direction of the mobile market as a whole despite being in a great place design wise to move with it.

Hardcore “whale” mechanics the give guranteed power aka p2w have begun to fall in favor of either gatcha mechanics like say Genshin. Or cosmetic only department…and a lot of the cosmetic or gatcha oriented games go the season pass route by charging a monthly fee that allows you to earn extra rewards through normal gameplay.

Jwa literally Launched with both gatcha and a subscription built in. And they could have built on those two platforms. But instead of building on both of these systems they left them on the way side… never making either system feel rewarding. Despite their being stuff data mined back in year one like a vip notification that an epic had spawned close to you.

I don’t honestly think Boosts themselves were the problem as much as boost acquisitions being. They didn’t really address boosts acquisitions until 2.0. By that time a lot of damage was done to both their revenue and player base.

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The game is getting older, there hasn’t been a new movie in a while and a lot of the existing player base has little to no need to spend because everything is grindable. The dip in revenue is not only not a result of boosts its also not surprising. When we start getting trailers for the next film we will have a more honest picture of the games health.

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If that was the case the 6 year old Jurassic world the game wouldn’t be beating this game in both revenue and downloads.

Plus camp Cretaceous should have brought some kind of spike in interest I mean Ludia literally ran events for it featured Dino’s for it. Those numbers including downloads I mentioned from December have been consistent since August.

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They blew it by not adding any significant Camp Cretaceous creatures, like Bumpy, to be advertisement mascot to a new wave of players. There’s an argument for Parasaurolophus Lux, but as it stands right now, it’s just a rarity outlier and nothing more. Right now, they spent so much effort on Raids and Apex’s that all other new creature designs are lackluster. It appears they believed Raids would satisfy the playerbase for a while, but it’s already kind of tired.


Raids are realy fun when u wing a uniqe or apex one just folowing a strat for 100th time is boring as hell

But thats not realy ludia’s fault but yeah when u actualy just hop into it and do it like u want, like we did magnus with lower lvls last week it can be super fun