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Returning and Opening Characters?

Does anyone know if there are there any plans to update the grayed out ladies like Eveline, Eve, Sage, Samantha, Angel and Jasmine or is that a wait and see?

Also is there any idea when they plan to make available Skye (I’d love to match with her), Fei, Felicia and Pam or does the focus remain on the male characters and seasonal male characters?

I know I sound like a jerk and I’m sorry. I’m just a bit frustrated by this.

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Dude, we have been waiting for Felicia for TIIIIIIME!

I’m also hyped for Skye. I’d love to workout with her :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:.

But, I’m guessing you’re fairly new here, their profiles have been hanging around for months, so your guess is as good as mine.

Sage is the counterpart of Victoria. She was one of my first matches last year and hasn’t returned since her initial run, the same for Alice/Eve and Kayla/Jasmine.

Frustratingly the werewolf story was one of the more imaginitive of all the girl stories. Most of the others are kinda mainstream. Which is why I’m hoping Felicia gets released soon, because she might be a bit more interesting.

Its just that the core audience for this app are enamoured by the badboys. So the devs understandibly cater to their target audience more than they do to straight dudes like you or queer girls like me.

Who’s been your favourite match thus far?

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Thus far my favorite matches have been Eve, Samantha and Eveline.
Rose isn’t bad as I look forward to seeing what happens but I’m frustrated she was back for a whole 2 days before she grayed out again so presently I’m underwhelmed by it.

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I think you have matched with the counterpart to most of my matches.

I have Alice over Eve. I was in to her, even if she is predictably flighty. But in all reality I would have dumped her after she left me stranded in Ibiza :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:.

I have Eveline’s counterpart Jade. They’re hot but it’s all a bit whirlwind and I can’t help but think that no one really chooses to be a sex worker as a dream vocation, not really.

I’m not sure who Samantha’s counterpart is but I’m guess it’s Kayla, the supermodel? The serial killer story was fun, don’t understand why that hasn’t been updated.

My biggest gripe with the girls is that they’re all a bit soppy. I want some badass girls. A Laura Croft or Black Window type character (and not just Scarlet Johansson in skin tight latex, but also that) to sweep me off my feet :grin:.

Aesha is Samantha’s counterpart, Kayla is Jasmin’s counterpart from the character list wiki page