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Returning player looking for a new alliance

Hi, I am looking to join a new alliance

Tragic Backstory :slight_smile:
I was a day one FTP player, joined a great alliance, had lots of fun playing with my son. Was just outside the top 500 when boosts hit, managed to crack the top 100 during that chaos. However, by the time June rolled around I was tired of boosts and Matchmaking, others stopped playing or left the alliance, my son quit saying “I don’t even want to talk about that stupid game anymore”. Ludia’s incompetence (bugs unfixed) and indifference to player concerns combined with Harry Potter getting released, it sure seemed like a good time to leave the alliance and stop. A couple weeks ago, I started my own alliance since HP just never lived up to my expectations and Pogo was getting stale again. Although there are many things wrong with this game there are still some fun parts and so I started trying to unlock the remaining dinos, I’m down to 3 now. I typically play daily while out walking for exercise now, like many of you hoping 1.9 will bring positive changes to matchmaking, but realistically… I’m level 20, 5000 or so trophies, with level 22 - 26 dinos in my lineup, if you think I could help your alliance, please reach out. Thanks.

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Carnage collectors is currently recruiting. We would love to have you in the alliance. We have a discord to stay organized and communicate if you have a discord account.

Thank you for the invite MikkoAmour, but by the time I saw your reply another alliance I had sent a request to this morning accepted me.