Returning Player looking for Alliance

Title pretty much. Played years ago, stopped not too long after boosts were introduced. Thinking about giving the game another shot since they’ve introduced so many new creatures that it might make the game feel a bit more fresh again.

I understand PvP is pretty scuffed right now and that’s largely the reason I stopped playing, so I’m looking for an active alliance that isn’t too regimented with PvP to the point where I get burnt out again.

I’m at around 4900 trophies in Aviary at the time of this writing, but I’m sure I’d probably drop a bit the more I play. Got a bunch of boosted uniques and all that good stuff, beat the bosses, just don’t have any of the Apexes.

If anybody matches that description and has room for me, please let me know.

Hm, would 10 takedowns every tournament be alright with you? Because that’s what my alliance requires from members, as well as to do their dailies, and be active on our Discord server.

My alliance is Long Neck Challenge by the way. We get Rank 9/10 weekly incubators, Tier 7 in tournaments, and have 3 Level 20 sanctuaries as we are part of ARK. We can also do all raids within the alliance.

Do you have Discord?

I do, what would yours be?

Mine is Harlequin#7764.

Sent discord request.