Returning Player, old pvp team not cutting it anymore

Hi All,

I used to play way back in the day for a little bit, but PokemonGo won out as I had a lot of friends playing that game at the time. I’ve thoroughly burnt out of Pokemon, and came back to this game a few weeks ago. Really enjoying it so far, just did my first raid boss today, but my PVP ranking is just in freefall, I’ve dropped almost 800 points in rank since coming back. Any tips on what a relative beginner should be looking for/building towards? I am lvl 9, was level 7 when I came back, most of my “good” dino’s are in the level 10-12 range, with a handful getting up to 15. I think from youtube and the forums I have a pretty good idea what to shoot for end game, but I am a long long ways away from Phorurex and the like. Any tips on early to mid game dinos to help me get there would be appreciated. Thank you.

Hey! Check out the GamePress Tier List and work on building the stuff that’s higher in the list.

And, just generally, JWA Toolbox is a super helpful site, and there’s a great app called JWA Field Guide for Jurassic World Alive (on the Google Play store) or Jurassic Field Guide (App Store) that many of us use to figure out how much DNA we need to create/level hybrids.

Are you on Discord? The GamePress JWA Discord has channels where you can ask for team/boost advice, as well as channels for help with strike towers and campaign.


I believe @Castal said everything. Seeing your pvp team and collection would be awesome

Thank you, I will check them out!

Here is my team so far, based off GamePress Tier list. With the upcoming spawns this week I should be able to switch in Argenteryx for the Concavenator. I’ll also get enough DNA for a Scorp Gen 2 Thursday which I may swap something out for.


Yeah, those’d be good. Looking at your team, I’d use Trex over albert until you get some levels on your albert. Same case with Purrolyth, maybe use Veloci over it until it gets some levels

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I would say save your boosts, work on expanding your collection and get everything to fuse level. Then use a PvP team built using the tier list and what you have at that moment. It’s probably the most enjoyable period of playing JWA as you will change your team often and try out new creatures. Once you start creating end game creatures the real grind and bore starts. Don’t look too much at your arena score. Just battle for incubators and coins. It’s much needed to get everything to fuse level.