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Returning player trying to catch back up

Howdy everyone! I’m a returning player and feel a bit lost with some of the updated. Is my team past their prime and need shuffling? I really love playing but feeling like I’m fighting other players with toys vs tanks now. Any suggestions?

Sorry to do this to you but you need to focus on pretty much every spot on your team. Thor is ok if sped up and Draco is still used commonly but other than that your team is a road bump

indoraptor is not good anymore, paramoloch is not used for pvp, tryostronix is also not used for pvp, the rest is fine. Replace paramoloch for stegodeus and indoraptor for maybe spinonyx

Indoraptor will help you for the time being, but don’t spend too much time on it, it will become bad very fast. Remove stegotops, remove paramoloch and try to get better legendaries like Utasinhraptor, Ardontosaurus

Also boost Thor as its useless without boosts, and try to get the good uniques and save up your boosts, don’t spend your boosts on legendaries. You just missed the boost reshuffle and we don’t know when it will come back.

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Not sure when you have left, but the game has drastically changed.
Grinding is not that essential anymore. Just join a good alliance and do some easy Apex raids once a week. This you even can do while watching TV and enjoying a glass of wine :slight_smile:

Just look up some of the raid strats. Most of them either need a Tuo or Tryo. So you might want to level them.

But the Apexes you then directly unlock at 26 while 1 of them is a bit too strong, 2 of them are clearly OP and the 4th is still relatively decent.

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Thanks everyone! In going in and taking the suggestions already!