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Returning player

Hey guys new to the forum here, I have returned to the game after some time to find a lot of new dinos, also any vip players might want to check out their calendar its been updated, the vip pass pack looks interesting and new decorations too.


Hi @Aether_12, welcome the forum. When did you stop playing before you returned?

It was probably a couple years ago, I first started playing when the first mosasaur tournament was in play, I started a new game this year and so far it’s going well I have a pretty deep line up with solid dominator ready teams, first tournament win this year was mosa gen 2, and have been winning in dom since then

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@Aether_12 oh okay. Are you one of the players who have most creatures locked which were formerly in battle stages?

Pretty much, I didn’t really like that I had all those commons rares and super rares now locked, just got my 4the leptocleidus in the event yesterday so 4 more to go for a level 40, I like how theyve changed the skin though

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Have just maxed another locked creature aswell finally won another very elusive suchomimus in aquatic modes battles, wont be fusing him yet tho I have far too many good pterosaurs and need to work on my other creatures like amphs and herbs

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Nice! I maxed a few locked creatures yesterday and today too.

That satisfaction…:relieved:

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Nice, I did have a maxed tuj but fused him straight away, I’m 3 more copies away from my second maxed sarcho so once I get the next one maxed i will fuse for the koolasaurus, i already have ostaposaur at level 20 so not in a rush to get koola, the game loves giving me pteras and scaps to the point I probably have enough to easily max two more copies haha :sweat_smile:

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