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Revamp Crocodiles


I think crocodiles are in a pretty tough spot right now. Really they always have been. I think the problem stems from having to use the bigger lockdown move separately(aside from the generally low stats). Pinning strike is fine, especially on other dinosaurs, but the pinning is supposed to be the signature of the crocs. It usually gets them killed trying.

Ideally a new passive should be created just for crocs and their hybrids that pins the opponent for the entire time your croc is tagged in or alive. This would give them a huge usefulness and free up a slot in their much to be desired ability set. It’d go a long way combating the DG2 abomination that ruins majority of matches.



Just like swamp and bleed tactics take a good part of actual game, we need a new mechanic whit crocs, pasive pinning, plush strong atack or bleending could be usefull, x2 bite pinning or x2 bleend bite


I still don’t quite understand why they switched lockdown impact into lockdown strike on Sarcorixis though…


I dont understand why ludia lets certain groups of dinos wallow behind performance wise… crocs… the amphibians… all just seem to suffer from a design philosophy that they must be under powered


Crocs need impenetrable armor.

That would actually make grypolyth useful

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Seems like they tried to fit them in as “inbetweeners”

Crocs right now are one part chomper, one part tank, one part pinning. Failing at all 3

Amphibians right now are one part nullifier, one part debuffer. Reasonably good, but others are tougher and/or faster and/or hit harder. There’s really no reason to use any amphibian over tany/mono/dilo.

They just lack identity as a group which is wrong for a meta imho. Crocs should get a passive perma-pin, and amphibs could maybe get a passive perma 25% distraction? Just for the duration of their tag in or until death.

If crocs got the shift to have passive pin, perhaps they could receive more vulnerability moves? It’d really help to round them out.

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So maybe legendary/unique crocs get something like long pinning strike (opponent cannot swap 4 turns) and crippling vulnerability strike (opponent vulnerable 4 turns)?