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Revamp Market thoughts

So, if you’ve read the latest news for update 28, then you’ll know that one of the features Ludia mentioned was a revamped market. And, honestly, I don’t know how I feel.

What I think it means, is that previous expensive creatures could have their cost either increase or decreased. Maybe even new ways to get DNA. Although that same time, it could mean certain creatures need certain requirements to be unlocked.

But what do you guys think about a revamped market, yay or nay?

Can’t judge a horse until it’s close enough for me to look at its teeth. We’ll see what this revamp looks like and go from there.


Pretty much what Han said,

My only hope is that they reduce some of the costs/deals for certain resources. One of my deals currently is 20,000,000 food for 50,000,000 coins, which is FAR too much, for anyone. I’d also like to see more bonuses for VIP users, like the 11k VIP points being reduced to 7500.

I mean, it won’t be as good as the days where 30,000,000 coins = 60,000 dinobucks, but I hope they iron out some of it’s deals. Usually I only trade any resources for dinobucks and VIP points, as the dino deals feel like a waste.

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