Revamping gear

I was wondering. To get the game closer to the DND theme they want to use. The gear should be base in the same principle.

Why normal gear to legendary? So you lvl your normal weapon to realize that a rare lvl 1 is way better but a lvl 5 normal get the same stat with worst cool down. From my DND experience, weapons are base on dice roll (2d8) not (215-275 damage). As well what is the point of adding stat to your character if they don’t mean anything or be increased?

If they could remodel the weapons so a normal +5 weapon would be better than fire sword +1 or something increasing base stat. It could create a balance on lower lvl facing players 5 lvl higher than them in pvp and a reason to keep and use the lower rarity weapons instead of grabbing the next step and forgetting about the others.

Your thoughts.