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Revenge cloak Not doing 3x damage when not in revenge

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Bug Description: Revenge cloak not doing 3x damage as said in description when used not in revenge. It works as a normal cloak doing 2x damage.

Area is was found in: Arena

How do you reproduce the bug: Example
Step 1 - Open combat with Erlidominus and using cloak (clearly not a revenge situation)
Step 2 - Erlidominus doing 2x damage when it performs its next attack and not 3x as the move description says
(add more if needed)

How often does it happen: Everytime i use cloak but not being on “revenge”

What type of device are you using:

Anything else? (add screenshots or additional information here)
Don’t know if it’s working as intended and it’s only a translation error or if it’s a real bug

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that is correct. You only get the revenge effect when using it directly after one of your creatures is taken out. otherwise it is as normal.

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The revenge mode only activates if prior critter died and you use cloak on 1st turn after that.

But my description says it’s triple damage also when used normally. That’s why i don’t understand. So it’s a translation error

As you see it says triple in both cases

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Does your english description says 2x when not used on revenge?

Even mine says tripple damage. I think Ludia just messed up the description for everyone. Because in the release notes it does say it’s only duble damage when not in revenge.

Revenge Cloak (Erlidominus & Indominus Rex)


Self: Next attack will deal double damage. 75% chance to dodge 67% of damage for 1 turn.

Cooldown: 3.

Revenge: Triple damage and cooldown 1 instead.


Oh great! Thank you, didn’t control release notes. But At least we know that’s a translation mistake! @Ned

They Ludia’d.


I kinda don’t see the point in the revenge ability. It seldom works. I still use indom and erlidom on my team and have yet to see revenge in action!

This is supposed to be 2x damage probably a typo

there’s a lot of translation issues for my language PT-BR too…
seems they translated in 1 day for 2.0 :roll_eyes:

See I don’t see a problem with it on erildom as it’s a cool thing once again adding unique moves to uniques and with erlidom always being a revenge killer this is cool…but like it’s also stupid powerful

I mean this monostego has his 50% shield up and has 30% armor yet it does that much damage

The problem I see this on is indom… Ik Ik indom is supposed to be good and I honestly woulda have mind if not for the fact that LUDIA FREAKING MADE SOMETHING WITH A 3x INCREASE MOVE THE ABILITY TO GO THRU SHIELDS AND INVINCIBILITY!

But ya even when doing the test for this the amount of recked erlidom got by resilient moves was just ridiculous lol, but I think it should lose immune to distraction if it does become immune to decel just to balance out

I’ll send the screenshot to our team, thanks, Marco_A!

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