Revenge in Arena

Hi All

I’m gutted to see that once I have taken revenge on a previous attack, the lad can still attack me again after :roll_eyes:

Shouldn’t it stop once I have taken revenge?



Hey there, Chris_Lamb. I don’t believe it’s possible to Revenge on a Revenge. The player you used the Revenge on might have matched up against you through normal matchmaking.

However, if you still have concerns, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our support team at with your support key.


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it is possible that a player I used the revenge on have matched up against me again.
The problem is that in this case I can no longer use revenge on that attack. Revenge in this case cannot be used for 24 hours from the first attack of the opponent.
It regularly happens that someone attacks me, I take revenge on him and then he attacks me again 3-4 times. In this case I can’t revenge and I just lose the cups and fall in the rankings :frowning:


Arena is just a dumb gameplay, unbalanced with huge damage and hp. There is no point to play that mode. You will just lose over and over.


That’s exactly what my contribution was about. Screenshots of battle logs are from the last 2 nights - repeated attacks from the same player in the Thawfest Arena, but I can use revege only once. :frowning:

Yeps I confirm.

Also it’s amazing to see so many hackers in this game. One guy joined our team and his attack reached 2.5m…

Also my attack trail once showed that I attacked a guy 1,365 days ago… and that I attacked him twice… while I have not even attacked him.

High time to increase security on this game Ludia.


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