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Revenge isn't very vengeful

With the introduction of the latest dinos they were given a new skill called “revenge”. This is a great concept but isn’t very useful in it’s current state.
The dinos that have this skill aren’t very fast, very strong, loaded with lot of health, or very armored. The revenge skill doesn’t provide much.
I believe the skill has potential but to see it reach a valuable potential the revenge moves need the “instant” feature added for the one turn. This would be really valuable in the two slower epics. By adding the “instant” feature to the already introduced revenge it allows players to use the feature successfully even against creatures with instant distraction. Since these dinos don’t have a strong attack and their moves don’t bypass cloak or evade, those would keep the game balanced. Also since the “instant” would only work during the first turn while in “revenge” mode. The dino won’t be overbearing after that initial turn.

Revenge should’ve been given to more than just the new perms,but don’t underestimate em. Among their fellow non hybrid epics and hybrid epics respectively Scuto and Pork Chops are really strong

And we haven’t really gotten a chance to test Inos and Arc

Some of the revenge moves are just weaker versions of their rampages, since they only work on the first turn.
Case in point revenge decelerating impact. If Entelochops just had Decelerating rampage instead, it’d be better.
But some revenge moves are actually useful, like revenge shattering rampage, because it’s the only time you can have a shield breaking rampage turn 1.

I agree with this. Revenge is only useful on fast dinos. But the only ones fast enough to use it now are entelochops and the two gorgonopsids. But the gorogonopsids revenge moves are total trash. Entelochops Revenge Shattering Rampage and revenge decelerating impact are good but only bc it’s fast.

Entelochops has I believe a speed of 126 with the ability to increase using “mutual fury”. He is the only one with a fighting chance. This was noted by using any of these during the last tournament when all dinos were set to 26 without boosters, but even then he wasn’t a real threat. He didn’t hit that hard and the “revenge” was better used to slow your opponent. He doesn’t bypass cloak or evade either. So “revenge” became 66% damage dodged a lot. Arc is 130 speed but no way to increase and just another weak attack rare. Distraction increased from 50 to 75% is barely useful because nowadays almost every decent dino has “superior strike” as their basic move so the distraction is cleansed and then your Arc is left slowed down with no health or armor to survive the next attack.

We’ll probably have to wait until some form of legendary or unique hybrid is released before there is one that can really hold its own.

Revenge moves are fine as they are. You can’t expect a bunch of Commons, Rares and Epics to be endgame-relevant. Just be patient, and wait for better creatures to get the abilities.

Revenge Distracting Impact, for example, would be perfect on Utarinex or Pyrritator.

Yeah. Revenge rampage for example. It has no cooldown if it’s revenge. Nothing has it yet, but one will get it soon probably. And there is only one hybrid with revenge as of yet

Entelochops’ revenge shattering rampage does the same thing no matter what so go for revenge protection.

Revenge Shattering Rampage is DSR with no Delay. That gives it good revenge-killing potential.
Also, Entelochops doesn’t have Revenge Protection, Scutosaurus does. It has Revenge Decelerating Impact.

wrong one, then. I don’t have chops yet soI got confused.

“Revenge is a dish best served cold.”

I think revenge should have been a separate move of ‘Devistation’ which is 3X damage or 1.5X a 2X move to = 3X.