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Revenge Move for the Dimetradon Type

(Warning: Long Read)
Since most Permian creatures have a Revenge move, I believe the Dimetradon type creatures should have one as well.

The Dimetradon’s Revenge move is a Defense Shattering Rampage.

Mono’s Revenge move is the same as Dimetradon’s. With a little nerf I gave it, it should be balenced.

Let me know what you think of the ideas down below!

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Wasn’t revenge the gorgonopsids (sorry if that term is the wrong one, don’t know too many terms) whole gimmick? Then it was introduced to a few other creatures. Dimetrodon and it’s family’s members have strong resistances as their trait, I don’t think they need that at all…


Although some that are struggling to be relevant could definitely do with buffs

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oh so we have nerf monolometrodon and magnapyritor threads and now we want to make them stronger…

Edit:(I didn’t see the mono stats lol)

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Monolometrodon definitely got weaker here.
That said @Raptor1 Revenge DSI is missing some effects


Revenge was added in 1.14 along with the gorgonopsids and scuto, moschops thingys, both of which had revenge

So it was basicly that both the cunning and the resilient classes of synapsids had revenge, but dimetrodons class, so the OG synapsids were left without it

I honestly think revenge would be cool on some of them as they’re faster then the avarage fierce and could make actual use of it

And i think these fierce synapsids could have something like: high resistances, impact cycling(would rarley have impact on cooldown), and revenge as their trates


Since Magna is a Unique, I decided to give it to Revenge moves. Kinda like Entelachops. (Sorry if I butchered the name)

I just got suspended on my main account till 2024

I changed Mono’s Revenge move up a bit.inbound2249955557858809130

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The revenge shattering impact on the rare dimetrodon does nothing. It is the exact same as the normal impact. maybe no cooldown on revenge

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I stated below it that Dimetradon’s Revenge move turns the Impact into a Rampage

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