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Revenge of the non-meta dinos

Revenge moves present a new opportunity to buff some of the community’s favourite forgotten creatures. So let’s try a few. Feel free to add your own ideas, this can be a fun speculation thread.

Here’s mine:

1) Diloracheirus
One of the areas Dilorach has always been lacking in is revenge-killing ability, so what better way to help with that than by slapping a revenge move or two on it?

~3450 HP
~1450 attack
~129 speed
~5% critical chance

•Superiority Strike
•Distracting Strike
Revenge Stunning Rampage (Revenge: No Delay)

2) Utarinex
One of the new moves was tailor-made for this former tyrant. Thanks to that, it can match its former moveset in Revenge situations.

~3750 HP
~1550 attack
~126 speed
~10% critical chance

•Decelerating Strike
Revenge Distracting Impact
•Instant Charge

3) Pyrritator
Same story as Utarinex.

~3300 HP
~1300 attack
~129 speed
~5% critical chance

Revenge Distracting Impact
Ferocious Strike
•Defense-Shattering Impact

4) Erlikospyx
~3150 HP
~1500 attack
~129 speed
~5% critical chance

Rending Speedup Strike (Destroy shields. Deal 0.34x opponent max HP as Armour-piercing damage, increase speed 10% for 3 turns)
Maiming Wound (Deal 1x damage. DoT 0.4x opponent max HP for 2 turns. Delay:0, Cooldown:2)
Revenge Debilitating Distraction (Revenge: 1.5x damage, 75% Distraction for 2 turns. Delay:0, Cooldown:2)
•Precise Rampage

Immunity to Deceleration

5) Testacornibus
~3900 HP
~1000 attack
~127 speed
~40% armour
~5% critical chance

•Superior Vulnerability
Revenge Distracting Shield (Revenge: Deal 1x damage, Shield 50% for 4 turns, Distract opponent by 75% for 2 turns, Cooldown:2)
•Superiority Impact
Revenge Devastation (Revenge: No Delay)

•Immunity to Deceleration
•Immunity to DoT
Swap-in Healing Charge (On Swapping in, deal 1x damage bypassing armour, with a 66% chance to stun the opponent. Regenerate 25% HP. User swap-prevented for 2 turns)

(Yes, I gave Testacornibus 2 Revenge moves, because it’s that bad)


In case anyone missed Revenge Distracting Impact in the Release Notes, it’s Revenge form is essentially Distracting Rampage.

so, dilorcherius can do 3 rampages now based on revenge. I like the others tho.

I do not know exactly what the solution is, but it is clear that it is not logical that dinosaurs as difficult to create as diloracherius, utarinex and testacornibus are little less than garbage while others easy to create without any effort like Indo2 or Yoshi succeed in the meta. The one who needs it most is the poor diloracherius who went from one day to the next from being one of the best Tyrant to being trash. From Monday to Tuesday, and curiously without needing to be nerfed, simply buff all the rest. It is currently an abandoned creature for which we created and evolved it and a creature that none of the new players create if he hears the advice of veterans.

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You’ve misunderstood. Delay is not the same as Cooldown. Diloracheirus would have the same number of Rampages as before, the only difference is that it gets Greater Stunning Rampage on turn 1, which makes a big difference.

I like all of those, Spyx would be a monster with that move set, then again I think he deserves it for being as hard to level as magna. Currently he isnt too bad, but he is just so squishy, he would need +400-500 hp in its current version to be competitive.

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Great ideas :clap:t2::clap:t2:

for magma, my problem would be dimetrodon and irritator while for spyx, my problem would be baryonyx gen 2. Never thought area 2 would be so useful. I like the utinarex the best. Probably because I want it to be buffed before I get it.

Your rending maiming wound attack a 1 hit kill to any non immune… maybe a bit too much.

I think revenge devastation is a bit much but I could be okay but spxs ya way to op lol the rest though is

Revenge Devastation on Testacornibus will only do 3000 damage, so that’s the same as Spyx’s Precise Rampage, and less than Erlidom’s regular Rampage.

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Nah, it would deal slightly more damage than Rending Takedown, it’s literally impossible for it to one-shot anything. Overall, it does the same amount of damage as Lethal Wound, the only difference is it’s sped up a bit. It’ll still be totally counterable by slower creatures like Indoraptor, Indoraptor G2 and Smilonemys with the right prediction.

But I can totally see why anyone would say it’s over the top.

Edit: I’ve changed it a bit. I think you’ll find it more reasonable now.

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