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Revenge still not working

Well, that was different! Tried to revenge against someone and it took me to the red scale quest final node (3scale) which is odd because I had already completed this - I won again, so this time I got 2 3 scales!

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That’s…well, you’re right. That IS something. Have you contacted support to send in this occurrence as a bug report? It might be just a fluke, but who knows.

If you don’t wish to go the route of in-game support, their email is

Also, when you say ‘tried’, does that mean there were any issues given and you had to give effort to get anywhere at all? As in, when you pressed the ‘Revenge’ button, did it act non-responsive until after a few clicks you finally got a response, but it was to the 3* red scale quest?

It might not make any sort of difference, honestly. Consider me curious. :upside_down_face:

I pressed ‘revenge’ and it took me straight to the scale battle. I also didn’t lose an arena battle either, luckily. So in a way this bug kinda worked in my favour! That’s got to be a first!

Huh. I mean, I AM glad that it did work out in a favorable way, haha~ So…there’s…that? Not often you hear of a good bug. :smile:

I’m sorry to hear that, NightLight4. This is similar to one of the known issues our team is currently investigating. However, thank you for letting us know.

My revenge button kicks me to the repeatable quest :roll_eyes: