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Can someone explain the basics of revenge to me?

If some critter of yours got defeated in previous turn, the creature with the flame on it (revenge ability) will activate revenge for the attacks. Seems you must use it on 1st turn, otherwise revenge is gone.

Thanks! What does revenge change about your attack?

It depends on what the revenge attack does. For example Erlidominus’ Revenge Cloak: if your previous creature was defeated, Erlidominus has a ring of fire around it and a flame on Revenge Cloak. Select that and it will allow you to do 3x damage instead of 2x if you survive the attacks cloaked.
Another example would be Revenge Distraction on Erlikospyx. If revenge is on, you can use Revenge Distracting Impact to deal 2x attack instead of the usual 1.5x attack while you have the ring of fire around Erlikospyx.

Thanks! My brain gets it now