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Revenger & Skywarden Spirit Boost


I’m not sure if it’s just me but do the dragons That DO help YOU gain spirit don’t work?
I’ve been taking a close look at my revenger and it looks like she doesn’t help her allies with the spirit boost,same can go for Skywarden,not entirely sure about the other dragons though IE:Warcrys ability works perfectly for me.


I think it raises the percent of spirit. So say it is at 25% and you would have gained 8 spirit, you now gain 10.

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WarCry and BruteWurst give instant static spirit. Revenger or Skywarden give a buff that lasts for 3-4 rounds and increases tile-generated spirit only. So, no, Revenger wouldn’t increase spirit gained from WarCry. In a way, this 25% spirit bonus sort of adds a level of charging speed to your dragons. Like “Moderate>Fast”.


OH,I get it now thank you