Revenue towers disappeared?

Hi everyone, first time poster here.
So basically I was rearranging my park and stored everything. When I checked my inventory to pull out one of my 4 towers, I realized I had just one. I’m level 70 so I have 4 towers available, and I’m 100% sure these can’t be sold, so where did they go? Is it a bug?
Just to be sure I stored everything again from both islands but only one shows up in my inventory. What can I do to fix this?
Thanks in advance for your responses, and sorry for my bad english - Italian player here.

Edit: video showing the issue Revenue towers issue - YouTube
Sorna is 100% empty

quite weird, you can ask support about it, never had this problem

If they are in your market I wonder if you get trades for them?

I did just try to “sell” one and instead of asking to confirm the sell it asks “are you sure you want to place this in your market” which I have never seen before as I have never tried to sell one.

But you should reach out to support to see if storing them caused some sort of glitch in your game.

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Pretty sure if you can’t sell them you can’t trade them either. Anyway I reached out to support, currently waiting.

Here is a video depicting the issue: Revenue towers issue - YouTube

Sorna is 100% empty.