Revert to original darting size option

Please let us have an option to change the darting size smaller again. As far as I can see, it is actually only a VISUAL change. The actual dart shot is still the same size. For me, it actually makes my darting worse as it gives a false feeling of getting direct hit but the actual center is blocked by the size increase. Ludia, please either:

  • match the actual dart shot size with the visual size
  • have an option for us to select which visuals we want
    We just want consistency.

Agreed. That new dot is horrible. If you’re new and it’s like that, fair enough. But like with the option to change drone styles, an option to turn it on/off would be appreciated.


Tbh i hated it originally, made everything feel slower, but then its nice when u get use to it AND it definitely helps if you are trying to dart while walking

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Like a lot of new things, it will just take some getting used to. An option to turn it off for those who would prefer the old target might not be a bad idea.

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Would be great if we could have the turn on and off option (like the drone speed). But at the same time if the bigger marker would aim better and actually get a direct hit properly that would be great.
Also I notice that the shooting seems laggish like it requires the circle to focus before it allows a proper release of each dart.

The new dot is horrible! At least change it back to white if you are going to keep it. With it being black it blends into the dino and totally messes up the aim…

Option to change it back would be perfect…:ok_hand:

The center dot and cross hairs don’t follow the drone. I dart a lot and have to say this is a very unwelcomed change. Please fix things that are broken in the game before changing things that worked perfectly fine. I vote to revert back. It’s happened in the past where it was changed, players complained and it was changed back to the original.

I agree with Kodiakhunter. I run a lot of giga scents, and previously my direct hit percentage was a consistent ~86%. Since the update I’ve had trouble even getting perfect scores on commons I used to ace. I thought the drone was great the way it was.

At least an option is needed for this, the same as we can select different drone styles.

This new large dot blurs or hides the target for me, maybe it is just my eyesight, but this is not working for me.

My direct hits plummeted and I’m not sure why this thread isn’t more popular :thinking: We need more complaints! :sweat_smile:

It’s probably because most people were bad at darting to begin with and haven’t seen much of a change. :laughing:

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I average 1 or 2 direct hits less per attempt as well. The center being the same colour as the creature you try darting gives me troubles as often I don’t know where the center is.