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Revert to Patch 1.6 - start again

If one thing is completely obvious JWA (Arenas) is very very broken by one idiotic addition. Stat boosters! This mechanic radically alters the entirety of the original game-play experience for everyone (cos lets face it we still need to earn our daily battle incubators). JWA was heading in the right direction towards being a fair, fun and well balanced game, tweaking here, adding new stuff there. It was looking good (except for Dracoceratops but we won’t go there). All of the other updates brought to the game in Patch 1.7 were absolutly brilliant. But implementing these stat boosters, breaks everything - fairness, strategy, balance and fun.

In order to save JWA I implore Ludia to rollback to Patch 1.6 now (before any further damage is done, refund purchases) and relaunch Patch 1.7b WITHOUT STAT MODIFIERS. This one single mechanic wreaks so much devastation to what was a enjoyable and competitive game. I won’t list what stat modifiers has already done but it’s obvious if you read through the comments in the forum. One thing is for sure if action isn’t taken then @Ludia you’re going to lose a lot of players and make a lot less money.


It just needs a patch to remove boosts. I think myself and many others would be a irritated if we lost all the effort and DNA we put into the new animals and hybrids.


I use boosts to adapt to the new way this game works and if they delete boosts I would want compensation for it.

Yeah mate! :black_heart:


I agree with going back to 1.6. But I’m pretty sure they are making more money on 1.7.


They might make more money in the short term as the pay-to-win herd grab all they can, but new players are certainly gonna give up quicker and people are gonna (and already are) cancelling thier over-priced and under-value VIP subs. So in the long term Ludia haven’t only p155ed off their playerbase but shot themselves in the foot. The only hope of redemption would be to do a u-turn and remove stat boosters totally.


Most playes speek about speed boost.

But even the damage and health is of great importance.

4000 damage from DC ?

@Ludia are you listening? We don’t need stat modifiers in this game. CAN YOU HEAR US?!!

Oh they have heard you complain about every new thing since 1.3…

They just aren’t listening.

Please remove the stat boosts. You all have ruined the game.

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I guess either we’re not SHOUTING LOUD ENOUGH, or the manager in charge of game design for JWA just isn’t listening. @Ludia_Developers you really need to bring this stat-boost experiment to an end, it’s killing and de-skilling the game and ruining the ‘fun’ for a significant proportion of your player-base. If you don’t believe me check out your drop in revenue since 1.7 landed as people are protesting and unsubscribing from your VIP status and buying less over-priced incubators. C’mon don’t let this game die it was looking so promising, you just needed to make a few tweaks and nearly had a ‘good balanced competitive battling game’ now all that has gone.

Just restrict boosts and make them only applicable to common/rare/epic. Will bring a much larger variety into the arena’s and we’ll have the other 192 dino’s for a purpose other than just screen filling or dna farm…

I like your point here and I’ve mentioned something similar before (that’s fallen on deaf ears) and that is:

Restrict how many Boosts can be applied according to the rarity.

Allow commons up to 10 boosts per stat
Allow rares up to 8 boosts per stat
Allow Epics up to 6 boosts per stat
Allow Legendaries 4 Boosts per stat
Allow Uniques 3 Boosts per stat.

Voila! A more ballanced approach that would open the game up for less used creatures to be able to actually complete (not be forgotten) at higher levels.

I’d be down for this, if we just got rid of the speed boost altogether!

I would be interested to hear what the @Ludia_Developers think about the above solution with regard to implementing balancing to stat-modifiers. As I understood it the very point of the boosts were to help the players in the early and mid-game let a leg up, not the whales with their team-killing over-boosted uniques keep the rest down.

Silence from Ludia is telling Nothing will change and they won’t fix their very broken game, maybe they don’t even realise it’s broken.

It doesn’t need to go back to 1.6. In 1.7, if we don’t look at the boosts, dinos are better balanced and viable. The only problem is the boost idea which ruins it.

Yes,I 100% agree with you it is the stat-boost that have ruined any fun or strategy that this game had to offer by giving opponents disproportionate unseen advantages. I say roll back to 1.6 but as previously discussed that is referring to a pre-gamebreaking-boost state. I agree all the rest of the updates for 1.7 were brilliant unfortunately it’s been massively over-shadowed by the boostpocalypse

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