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I properly love the game, like it is SO addictive and has some amazing aspects, but the only thing I would add is a friend feature, as me and my friends have been playing it for a while and what we have thought would be cool, is if you added something like allowing to send friend requests to other accounts and receive them, then, allowing you to battle them and perhaps trade with them, other than that I absolutely adore this game. Thanks

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I don’t think there’s any possibility for this game getting social features. Just because we are 6 years in, so Ludia would’ve found a way to do so already if it was a goal of theirs.

Id support a friend feature, but not peer-to-peer trading. Just because there are so many risks involved with games with marketplaces. For example, hackers get ahold of an account and trade things away to their account.

However I’d love to see a feature where you can see other players parks.

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I also love this game, also addicted to it
but like @OstaposaurusBae said when cant have that, it would have been implemented in the release and I think now is too late, but at least there is this forum to talk and discuss about the game

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