Reviewing the event schedule

It is difficult because the number of epic days has been reduced during the week when legends and uniques appear in the spot. Would you please take the Legend and Unique together for one day instead of taking one day each?
(I’m sorry if the text is strange because of Google Translate.)

do you go out to dart ? because usually players will go out to dart them

Of course, I will go out, but since the game play time is limited, I think that creatures with many trials should have many days. If legends and uniques come together in one day, it will be more efficient, right?

if they come together its probably just one attempt only so you have to make up your mind whether to dart one legendary or unique

Ludia could do like they used to before 2.0 when there was a day that both rare and commons would spawn under event supply drops and they had their separated limits. They should be able to do the same for legendaries and uniques.

I also remember being able to play darts separately.