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Maybe limit the priest bone proc to the first 50 times a match?


What, you don’t enjoy a good Halbanet vs Halbanet Bone-swinging match until the arena fire kills whoever isn’t in mid?

Haha. Exactly. If it’s not too much trouble for the programmers

Someone had a pretty awesome idea that I read where a Critical Hit would negate Deathward… I thought that was a clever solution!


That was me, and the more I face Cori in battle, the better the idea feels.

Yo dawg, I heard you like RNG, so I put some RNG with your RNG. But you can counteract it with some RNG. Sounds about par for the course. Wouldn’t affect much if that was implemented, but then they can’t even fix simple bugs like Pikel’s deathward being disarmable. Could just make that a feature and have disarm knock off all abilities and practically stun ya.