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Reviving in Raids

So in raids, its really annoying an unlucky when the boss unloads its crits onto your team, and one crit too many, and your buffer, tank, or heavy hitter falls. What if you could reverse that? What if your team could revive you or your teammate that died? Now I get it, meme strats would be a lot easier, so there could be a certain level limit on your dino. Say for Epic, it’s level 10, Legendary level 15, Unique and Apex, 20.

Now for the actual revival. What would happen is a new bar appears. It appears blue, and has negative 1.5 or 2 times your health, depending on which one would be more balanced. This bar would lower as your team heals you, and once that bar reaches 0, you would be revived by the end of the round. You would also get the extra health that would have healed you. Say you needed 2000 health, and your teammate heals 4000, you spawn in with 2000 health. Also, you would spawn in will all of your moves being like they were turn one. That way a Tryko can’t go for
its rampage when it revives, nor can it shield.
Hope y’all like this. Leave your thoughts down below!


i think it would be a neat mechanic, but adding this would mean raids would have to be harder since they are currently balanced around you not reviving.


True, but this is just an idea. I forgot to add a couple things.

yesssss!!! this is CRUCIAL! I have no chance at beating a raid with my level 15 pyroraptor but the pounce still helps so if i could be revived we could win against mammotherium

What dinos do you have currently? I have a strat that works every time as long as you do it right.
Do you have Allosino, tryo, ankentro, or dilorano?

no legendaries AT ALL WHATSOEVER

but about to get tragodistis

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Ok. We could likely work with that, as it has heal and group decel. Our usual strat is Ankyntro, Tryo, Allosino, and Dilorano, but we could sub tragod for ankyntro, as long as it has around 2.8k health

How close are you to tragod?

just have to lvl up my amargocephalus 1 level (its at lvl 14)

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Ok. if you can get it to level 17, try to, if not, I can try to come up with a different strategy. We may also be able to use the pyroraptor. Not sure, but just keep distracting when needed, mainly when it uses the shielding moves, and when it rampages. If it shields, go for High Pounce or Cunning strike. If you are faster when it rampages, go for High Pounce, if you are slower, go for Instant Distraction. I can contact my geoup on discord to see if we can help you out.

Is your pyroraptor speed boosted or no? If not, then don’t speed boost it. If so, then Ill try to boost the tryo up in speed.

plus it can reduce dmg to 0 if no one cleanses

It has resistance, but we may do anky, pyro, dilo, and tryo. We just need you slower so that tryo can boost your attack.


this is a sentence

Good. Then I shall contact the team and see what they think about helping you out.

what to lvl 17, trago or pyro

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Trago, but with your 15 pyro, we might be able to do it.

Ok. The team has said they could try. Just remember that when he uses Bellow or Dig In, go for Cunning Strike or High Pounce if you can. If you are slower on the Rampage, go for Instant Distraction, faster go for Cunning Strike.

You can win with a suchotater 15 should be good. Pyro might work but idk sucho has a lot more bulk and the bleed & nullify helps a ton

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