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Reward “flash” is way too bright when spinning drops

The flash when it shows rewards for spinning drops is way too bright. It’s annoying enough during the day. I can’t imagine how blinding it will be at night when your eyes are used to the dark.


Agreed bbbbbbb

I agrees too


Same here man. I was gonna make a topic but I didn’t know what to call it.

Yes!! Same here… It triggers a headache, and I’m serious.

I’m not sure why you added some shiny overlay to every single reward from every source (incubators, supply drops, etc), but it is blinding and makes it so i cant even see what i’ve received. Please remove it, thank you.


As expected, the bright flash is still there at night and its blinding when your eyes have adjusted to the dark.

How long until someone gets injured from being temporarily blinded at night while playing? Could liability for injuries fall on Ludia?

It also reminds me of those videos that gave people seizures.

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Ludia please can you tone it down its like a bulb going offjw2

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I thing so . The light is to bright for eyes .

Yup definitely too bright. I mean why change it when it was fine before?

It’s too bright and it’s dangerous for people with epilepsy as can cause ceisures.

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You can’t even see what you’re getting :smile:

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Agreed. It’s also a little s l o w e r now…

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YES! I wanted to ask about that also. It is way too bright to see anything and blinding even in daylight. Please change!!!

Absolutely agree. Keep it simple and speedy and tone it down please.

Yes!!! Plz fix this :sweat_smile:

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I agrees too

It’s horrible. I look away and dont get to see what I got

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Yeah, I’m normally all for being optimistic and trying to see why the developers make certain changes, but this change is really bad. I normally tap quickly through every supply drop but now I can’t even see what I get.

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