Reward for being honest with ludia?


So yesterday I wrote to ludia that I spoofed, so I made a new account. I received today a mail telling me to keep an eye on the old account to see when it would be resetted so I could send them an email with the old and new key for the rewards for the honesty. I still haven’t done that but I logged in the new account and this happened lmao what should I do. I don’t want ludia to think I cheated and made all those creatures because I didn’t :sob:


If you haven’t emailed them with your new account key yet then it’s obviously not a reward, it’s either a glitch or more cheating.


I logged in the old account to see if it was resetted and then came back to the new one and found all of them. I’m scared because someone may think I’ve cheated lol even tough I haven’t


You should tell Ludia because again, it can’t be a reward when you didn’t tell them about your new account yet.


Ok solved lol they’re all gone now so no more problems I guess, probably a glitch as you said :joy:


Haha, wish I would get something nice as reward for always playing honest … just give me some Uniques, thanks. :rofl: