Reward for players

Hi Ludia,
is nice you are rewarding returning players, but what about us who are playing daily? You can made daily monthly rewards system and park level system like reward for level 15, 30, 45 etc
(all players who already are 99 level should get that rewards backly)


Unless you mean Daily Login reward system, I’d day Daily Missions fill that blank…


I know what are giving daily missions I finish them daily


its ok, i am sorry if my answers sounds like attack


In a way they do offer this from time to time, the 12 days of T-Rexmas is one of them. For those 12 days you get rewarded for logging in each day.

I do like the idea of having some sort of investment building. In my head this would be similar to the VIP buildings (in that it would be moveable) and it would have a cooldown associated with it but it would be an opposite cooldown. Meaning it would have two timers one you don’t want it to get to zero, and a second you do. I am not sure what the time frame should be or if the building should have levels that get longer or shorter. But the timer that you don’t want to go to zero would be charged with coins, lots of coins. The most amount of time you can charge would be 24 hours down to say 1 hour. 24 hours would cost an enormous amount of coins, say 50-75 million down to 1 hour costing 50,000. If you can keep the building charged for X amount of continuous time you get a prize and that prize scales with the length of time you had the building charged for.

24 hours (1day) charged a prize
72 hours (3 days) charged a prize
144 hours (6 days) charged a prize
288 hours (12 days) charged a prize
432 hours (18 days) charged a prize
576 hours (24 days) charged a prize
720 hours (30 days) charged a prize

Then the building resets back to the 24 hour prize and starts over again this function could operate similarly to the prize drop where as you charge up the building it fills the reward bar for that level of the prize and once you hit the thresholds it spits out a prize. But again the most you can charge at any given point is 24 hours so you couldn’t say charge up the count down timer to say 3 or 4 days at once a max of 24 hours is the limit, but say after 10 hours have counted off the count down timer you could add ten more hours to it bringing it back to 24 hours. But if the count down timer ever falls to zero (because you either didn’t play for 24 hours or didn’t refil the building) the building would default to the beginning and the process would start over.

The prizes could be anything from DNA, SDNA, DB, creatures common to VIP or even Hybrids. Heck they could be spin wheels but if they are spin wheels their shouldn’t be anything that would discourage players on them. Meaning like the prize drop as the time invested increases so do the prizes (all of the prizes) so like the Diamond Fidelity you are guaranteed a VIP creature it’s not a chance for a VIP.

If Ludia would like any more thoughts on this let me know @Keith or @Daven.

What does everyone else think of this idea? Would this entice you to login at least once a day for those of you that don’t now?
Would you spend your coins on something like this?


If I got you you say the playing players would get reward for their activity,whatever they want, even creatures? If so I thin its great, more worthy as there are creatures that cannot be unlocked

I think you don’t recognize the incentives that is given to us by playing daily.

  • Prize drop/raffle
  • Daily missions
  • Trexmas (as @Sionsith said)

My issue here seems to be that you’re asking for more stuff because you don’t feel appreciated for being a daily player. Imo there are several ways Ludia rewards us players, they are just constantly there in your face.

This reoccurring player reward ends once they come back, you know? Think of it as a lure to bring players back, not keep them here.