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Reward from the tournament?

So the tournament just ended and it had showed that I was to receive 500 cash according to the little box in right hand corner of my screen for my rank. (Kicking myself for not taking a screenshot now but I didn’t think I would need proof) Once I clicked the “collect” button when the tournament ended, however, I only received 2500 coins. Anyone else? How do I get this resolved?


Yup exact same thing happened here. I’m ticked

Got my cash from top 250.

So you can instantly collect your tournament reward? So that means EVERY single exploiter just get to instantly collect their I’ll begotten wins? If this isn’t fixed then you’ve broke this game beyond repair… You would be allowing cheating in your game.


Have you tried to collect it though? I tried and couldn’t get it

All i got were coins… but it let me collect

Go into the tourney tap instead of clicking the small green bar

I got 2500 coins. Pretty sure it added it to my total coins.

It was weird though. I was 11 000th+ place, got 2-3 wins, it started showing me top 500 with a current reward 500 bucks. I obviously wasn’t in top 500 in terms of medal counts. It bugged out there.
Then the collect button gave me the participation reward.

I didn’t try to collect my coins, as I was hoping to maybe move up in ranking if/when they would do a “remove cheater” thing.

Can’t believe they didn’t cancel the instant collect. I thought that was what the short, unannounced maintenance this morning was about.

I’m sorry guys I’m stupid. I didn’t see the big collect button, cause it’s where the battle button is :joy::joy:
It did let me collect the coins

So the cheaters got the rewards lol
Ludia I’m lost for words
What little respect I had for you is gone.


WOW, letting the cheaters get rewarded is to lose all integrity of this game.


As the title said, I refuse to collect the tournament reward.

The skill tournament was a cheating tournament.

During the time, Ludia didn’t do anything.
I suppose Ludia knew the problem but until now, nothing did.

I had prepared the tourney with friends since I recognized the concept for more than two days.
I did a number of friendly battles to practise…

But, no meaning. So, regardless of the amount, I refuse to collect it.


So we never talk about the tournament issue and players who ised the bug got rewarded? Nice job L really fair to everyone else who battled through …

I’m talking about the big button that popped up when the tournament ended. I’m not sure what other button y’all are talking about. Did a big collect button not pop up for everyone?

Collected 2.5k coins. Ridiculous tournament

Hey guys, everyone who thinks they have received a wrong sum for their reward, please write in to our support team via!

Sorry @J.C

but you merged two (only slightly related) Topics here. The one was a shout for help, why People did receive coins rather than cash as shown on screen.

The other post was about the very big issue, that there has been a lot of (proven) cheating in this Tournament and therefore the instant collect should have been cancelled and the Ranking reviewed first.

Is there gonna be any statement from Ludia about that??


Well, we actually believe/know, that a lot of people received/collected unearned rewards, as there has been a lot of cheating in this Tournament.

It was a big thing in the forum the last days - did you guys/Ludia not catch up on that?