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Reward mistakes and unfair redress

So! On Monday once again the rewards got messed up. Some people got the right rewards, but around half the Alliance got the wrong rewards, basically the reward set that starts this reset; T Rex and Sino.

Now I get it that they should get the right rewards, and that Ludia deals with that by giving them the correct rewards within a day or two with a pot in the post. I’m all for it, it makes it right as the players have worked hard collectively for the rewards.

Where it comes unstuck is that the wrong reward given out is not removed!

So it’s actually better to be given the wrong rewards, because you get to double dip.

Surely, the fairest thing to do in that case is give everyone who got the correct rewards another couple of pots with the messed up DNA. That makes the world balanced.

I get it that taking it away would be an absolute nightmare because people will have spent some or all of it and then you have to work out coins and levels and blah!!!.

But punishing half the people by giving them less is not fair. It’s papering over the cracks in the programming with a scatter gun approach that leaves half the players happy, and the rest of us feeling cheated.

Either fix it so it doesn’t happen, or make it fair by compensating everyone if you Ludia make a mistake.


100% agree. Of course those that missed out on the correct rewards should get the bonus incubator with the right DNA. But I’m started to feel annoyed I’m missing out on what’s essentially double rewards just because I work and have to wait a few hours to claim. I know Ludia don’t think any of their players work, as evidenced by 17 raids midweek and nothing at the weekend when most players actually have free time, but this is still penalising many of us for Ludias own fault.

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