Reward players for walking


My biggest concern with the game is that players that walk instead of taking their car don’t get rewarded in any way. Some kind of km/mile reward would be nice. Maybe walking could speed up incubators or something?


Good idea.

Or maybe use the buddy system like Pokémon go with the dinosaurs


I agree. Being a Pokemon Go player I feel like somethings missing when I walk. My suggestion is earning small amounts of DNA per KM/Mile.


Would that be unfair to folks (like me) who have a major difficulty walking anywhere?


Well everything can’t be adjusted to fit players with disabilities. If you can move with a wheelchair (or similar) you could also get the walking bonus, as long as you don’t move to fast :slight_smile: the bonus should be a way to make players choose their legs before their car, bus or bike.


I do need to get out and walk but since all the dinosaurs within walking distance are all the ones that I already have too much DNA I don’t bother!

An added incentive would be great! They talk about special things coming up like treasure chests and strike events! Whatever they are I hope it is walk friendly!


Yes your right, walking thought the town without any reward? There is something missing in the game! They could do daily mission like:

  • Walking a certain distance.
  • Collect XX times a certain dino (changing everyday) or
  • Collect a certain amount of DNA
  • Collect XX time supply drops
  • Etc…


Same here! I have a bad knee injury and the only way I can seriously collect dino’s is in the car (when my wife is driving). I was glad this game was different than Pokemon Go with this… I would not find it fair to give extra rewards to people who can walk.


Hope you never get in a situation I am else you wouldn’t say this…

Besides, moving around in a wheelchair while catching dino’s on your phone? Not really practical…


Well it’s not fair to give players with a car an advantage either? Let’s face it, it’s never going to be 100% fair. But the game should reward players who CAN choose their health and the environment before their car.


In my case it’s a permanent disability which makes walking anywhere extremely hard (so I’m always bugging people to let me “come along for the ride” which has now reached the point of them not even telling me they’re going anyplace-ha).