Reward screen redesign

First of all - I’d like to say that I absolutely loved how the devs first made the game seamless with no loading screens months ago. And now I love the further optimization in gameplay with faster inter-level transitions, combat animations - even 30fps(with Power Saver on) becomes playable.
Really, really great job there.

But I feel like there is still one part of gameplay that could be improved for fluidity and quality of gameplay - reward cards.

Every Duty or Alpha chest is a spam of clickclickclick. Every batch hatching is a 10+ cards to click through. And I know that they are already registered on the account, because if you shut down the game or otherwise skip it - they won’t be lost. Even the innumerable repeatable quests that we can do with the new infinite energy - make the process into something short of a chore.

Imagine opening a chest and seeing all the rewards listed up with a tidy “accept” button. Or receiving all the hatched dragons in the same manner. Imagine finishing a repeatable quest… or any quest\battle for that matter - with no bloody “VICTORAAAAY” screen that the game suggests you to “tap the damn phone already”, and then to do some 5 more taps through all the minor rewards. Not having to do it… DOZENS of times a day.

I know that you have to sell your game. It has to be flashy and shiny and rewarding and people need to see the lovely pixels and feel good about themselves and all that. But you have moved quite far from the barebone release of February. And with the recent update to Duties\energy, as well as modern sheer abundance of quests and activities - things that used to be scarce and feel “rewarding” are now… all over the place. Maybe it’s time to do something about that as well?

Because, frankly, I gave up. I do not want to sink my phone battery to… click through things. I went Bluestacks, because I see no other way. At least now I can casually do the repetitive chore while watching a video or something. Because this chore WILL take … lots and lots of minutes. And I don’t need to have a phone drain 20-30% battery to burn 100+ energy.


I was considering a similar suggestion this morning while collecting 10 hatches.

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