As far as I know right now the matchmaking(at least till 6500 tropies) is based only on strenght of team(Team Score points) and not number of trophies.

If the matchmaking works correct u meet opponents between 200 Team Score points below and above u. Every team has its own Team Score points. Lets say 1700 so u meet opponents with Team Score points between 1500 and 1900.

If the above is correct then what is the use of evolve ur balanced team?

If u level up your balanced team by fusing DNA and/or by stat boosts than your Team Score points get higher and u will battle opponents with higher Team Score points and the win/lose percentage stays the same(at least with me).

So to me the reward u get of making ur team better is that u get opponents with higher Team Score points and u still win/lose as much as before making your team better.

This is my experience. Last 2 weeks I did not level up my team. And still my win/lose percentage stays the same, also my number of trophies.

So for me the matchmaking is not realy challenging me to level up my team because with me everything stays the same.

I hope with 1.8 some changes are going to be made there.

What changes u will like to see in 1.8?

Better matchmaking?
Get rid of the Swap in DSR and not bringing it back in the game anymore?(otherwise a new dracocera is born)
Doing something about the overpowered and superboosted dino’s?
Limits on stat boost?

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The patch notes mentioned a balanced team. I don’t know why many people have singled this out as important. I don’t consider Ludia know what they’re doing given experience.

Play your best team IE the old advice is still true.

I honestly think the initial swap in attack is fine with dracorat. The ability to immediately clense the mandatory swap penalty however, is far from fine, in fact, it is broke as hell.

It really needs a delay on the regen/clense move, or for it to not be a priority move. Prolly both imo, but I do think the SIA itself is fine.