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Rewardable Link Test!

Let us know in the comments below if you received the Runes in your Terror Mail! :envelope_with_arrow:

:sparkles:Get FREE RUNES :sparkles: You have 24 hours to click the link and claim 10 Runes! :arrow_forward:

Note: you will have to click this link on a mobile device or tablet the game is installed on


I’ve received it! :grinning:


Just got mine. Thx

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I got them too

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Worked just fine.

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Works for me

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Thank you for the runes! :blush:

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Thank you, I got the runes :smiley:

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Unfortunately, I did not receive any Terror-Mail.
So I did not receive any runes too.
In our family there are 3 players, none of us received neither Terror-Mail nor runes.

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Are you all on Android devices? We are aware of an issue some Android devices are having when trying to claim the Runes from links. Did the link just open your game or did it lead you somewhere else?

Mine is iOS, it redirected me to somewhere with game icon and from there to the game…

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I’m on Android 8
The link redirected me somewhere too, but that was so fast, I could not see. It tooks part of a second. After that, the game started an I had the terror mail

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Yes, we all have Android devices.
We tried it on 5 different Android devices on which we play the game.
The results are different - sometimes it opened the game, but no Terror-mail came, sometimes it opened a web browser on the page with a bad link error

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Heard about this from a clanmate and forgot about it until last night. Did not work then, guess I was late.

Edit: The link led me to a website to download the app.

Got no notification in Terrormail I can remember about this but could have forgotten about it - remember one from Tapjoy the other day.

Notifications are an issue for me any way using current iOS since 13.3. So restarting the app is normal daily business for me: Clanchat does not update now and then, notifications keep persisting (no matter if its new side quests or events)… After restart when I press “Home” notifications pop up about the recently started event which I have seen before closing it so I got used to not read them any more…

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Thanks for writing back to us about this! We are posting another one tomorrow so try then and if you still get a weird redirect or cannot claim please write in to our support team at Our team is looking into why some players are unable to claim from our links, this can maybe give us some information we need to solve the problem!

We will be posting another rewardable link tomorrow! Keep your eyes peeled on our Facebook, Twitter or the Forum! The link will be active for 24 hours :slight_smile:


Hi Rose,
we tried the new link gradually on all our android devices and finally we all got runes in our family.

Everything works flawlessly on all our Huawei devices, as well as on the Xiaomi Mi A1.

The problem remains on Xiaomi Redmi Note 5A (Android 7.1.2) where the link only opens a web browser with a page on the attached screenshoot. It doesn’t matter if the game is started or not before clicking on the link, only this page will always be displayed and it will not be connected with the game in any way.

So we all have a way to use the link, but it still doesn’t work on some devices - for us it’s not a problem, but if someone else has only one device (eg Xiaomi Redmi Note 5A) they can’t use the link.

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