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Rewardable Link! ✨

:sparkles: Get FREE RUNES :sparkles: You have 24 hours to click the link and claim 10 Runes! :arrow_forward:

Let us know in the comments below if you received the Runes in your Terror Mail! :envelope_with_arrow:

Note: you will have to click this link on a mobile device or tablet the game is installed on


Got it thanks

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Took a couple of tries, but I got it

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Worked like a charm on iOS! @Rose

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Was your game already open when you clicked the link?

Android 8

Works fine.
For a part of a second, I saw the Google play logo, then the game started (I was not in the game as I tapped the link) and I got the terror post and the runes.

Thank you :smiley:

Got it


It worked.

Hi Rose,

I did not notice a new topic for the current test, so I am publishing the answer sent to an older discussion about the previous test here as well:

we tried the new link gradually on all our android devices and finally we all got runes in our family.

Everything works flawlessly on all our Huawei devices, as well as on the Xiaomi Mi A1.

The problem remains on Xiaomi Redmi Note 5A (Android 7.1.2) where the link only opens a web browser with a page on the attached screenshoot. It doesn’t matter if the game is started or not before clicking on the link, only this page will always be displayed and it will not be connected with the game in any way.

So we all have a way to use the link, but it still doesn’t work on some devices - for us it’s not a problem, but if someone else has only one device (eg Xiaomi Redmi Note 5A) they can’t use the link.

Yes. This site I saw for one short Moment before the game started
To short for a screenshot