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Rewarding issue

IN order to earn more crystals( 5000+i know.) I installed Kings of Avalon and reached stronghold Level 12. I should be Able to get my reward nów, but game just forces opening KoA and even says that I can take my reward. But nothing happens. Soon my crystals Will be halved. What to do?

If you’re referring to a Tapjoy offer there is little that can be done here. When dealing with them you should always take lots of screenshots to document your progress through an offer. The only thing you can do is contact Tapjoys customer service and hope they don’t deny your claim but be prepared for that to happen. If it is denied, persistence in maintaining your argument is a must. It can take weeks or longer sometimes, g’luck.

What he said. Unfortunately.

It’s interesting… I never have game offers on the list. And i doing something wrong? It’s all surveys, quizzes, and trying to get you to buy stuff.

If you’re on Apple you won’t see game offers. Apple stopped allowing that.

Well… that sucks. If I link to FB can I play on multiple devices?

Hey Marcin_Wozniak, if you’re having trouble with an offer you’ve completed from Tapjoy, our FAQ here might help:

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