Some kind for completing these events. Gali only, just made it :smiley:


A prize for completing events would be great. I’ve been ignoring events for weeks I’m sure the lazy repetition is driving customers from the game. At least there would be some point for coins or spawn a named reward Dino on completion.


These were my first gallies, and for someone who just wants to collect all dinos, i went for it, and had a rough time doing it all with a 25% chance of gali spawn


I’m in that boat now. Shot at Galli max attempts every time it has been featured until now. 3/48 lol. Without an actual migration or seriously better spawn rates, my interest is dwindling fast.


If 1.5 brings more dino’s they need two weeks to introduce. If Fast keeps getting repeated 2nd week of the month Aug, Sep, Oct so far. And 2 weeks are lost to new weak dino’s only leaves a single week for the nine other sets of dino’s. If that doesn’t get wasted on Halloween dino’s.

All looks like Ludia don’t have a plan. And whoever understood what events and migrations purpose was in theory has left the company.


I completed the event this morning (woohoo!) and definitely could have used a little fanfare for gathering all that velo dna!


Maybe give people who complete it a shot or two at a relevant to the weeks theme legendary on Sundays. Like what they did with Alankylo the other week but only for those who complete these.


This time I was after Velo, but barely made to 30 attempts on Velos and few others. Didn’t have time to play this morning and wasted more than 5 hours yesterday for around 15 attempts. There are so few event stops, cause of all strike events, that’s impossible to complete 48 or more attempts on single dino in two days. Really should be one day longer.