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Rewards and incentives

I’ve been thinking what small rewards Ludia could do that would be appreciated across all alliances and players. At the same time something that would give players another reason to stay on that extra 10-15 minutes playing. Win win for Ludia and players

Ludia highlight to everyone who is the top contributor for alliance missions… but this is only bragging rights which disappears once you level up the incubator. Why not double the rewards for the top contributors. That way it rewards the players who play the game for longer! The lower levels might be a bit hit and miss but that would be a nice thank you to players without breaking the budget for Ludia.

Any thoughts and also does anyone know if Ludia would read these or is there an official way to propose changes?

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When a good idea is proposed on here, the mods will often pass it on to the team.

Personally I think this is a great idea so hopefully that will be the case with this one.

@moderators can you guys do that it sound pretty awesome and gives me incentive to grind