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Rewards are very bad

Dude srsly,
im at stage 70 or something and the rewards are only 7000 dna. Oh for stage 75, lets do 7k DNA
ok ok, what about stage 76? Oh i know, 7k DNA
um ok what about stage 77?
I know! 7k DNA
Srsly they couldnt come up with anything else? And the creatures are like indoms to indors.

Battle stage 70 is deinocherius. 75 is ceratosaurus. The DNA is just there because IDK

Wait until you get the boss battle prizes.
30 Bucks to start and mostly you wont even make it to the last league prize but when I do Ludia becomes rick from pawn stars.
Max I can do is 4635 food or 9685 coins after you spend 30 DB and beat the living life outta 30 dinos you get this. I kid you not its ridiculous and I have seen people complaining a long time about PvP wheel prizes and boss battle prizes and ludia has definitely turned a blind eye towards them. The obtainable bosses are the biggest joke of an update honestly in the recent times.

I got only 1 prize from boss missions that was not coin/food. A measly 40 db