Rewards for challenges

Hey all… been playing the game struggling with coins… only enough to complete 2 challenges a day… never enough to upgrade… on that note completed a challenge run completing 10 rooms getting the 2 reward die … and awesome got the 100 gold reward… but no nothing … was like I could complete a couple more run throughs on challenge… nope no gold rewarded…cheers

Yeah, the most recent update completely ruined the economy. Now it’s a pay to play game 100%, among the worst setups I’ve ever seen.

Most existing players are just waiting around to see if they undo this horrible update… I can’t even fathom what a new player would do… I figure installs hit the paywall immediately like you have, then uninstall.

Frankly the game is DoA if this isn’t changed… So yeah, you’re not alone, the economy is completely broken now.

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