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Rewards for friendly challenges


It’s great that we don’t lose trophies when we have friendly challenges, but it would be great if we were rewarded with something when we win. It could be more trophies, extra DNA, cash, coins, etc.

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Lol they have those. Regular arena battles

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DUH!!! As if I don’t already know that.


They don’t because it’s exploitable. I could battle with my phone and my wifes phone ad nauseam to get rewards with no effort.


Having the app not freeze after every friendly would be reward enough for me


I disagree. To me, Friendly battles are great opportunities for fun games, like trying out common, rare and epic dinosaurs at lvl 26. I also use em to try out some strategies; but mostly for the fun.

Cuz unlike regular battles, for me, the friendly battles are never frustrating but always fun and interesting. I love doing epic friendly battles without thinking about my actual rank and trophies.

So yeah, I‘m totally fine with how it is right now. And I also agree with the mentioned point that it can be misused.